Friday, April 25, 2014

Down a Dark Hall...

Kathryn Gordy has been accepted into one of the finest boarding schools while her parents are away on vacation.Atfirst she is terribly excited because her best friend Tracy is accompaning her.This adventure could not get any better for the both of them.Sadly, as they receive their welcome letters,the ambicious girls find out that one of them, was not accepted into Blackwood.Devistated, Kit refuses to leave her "sister" behind for months to come.Unfortunitely, she must go.Finally as her mother and Dan-Kit's mom's husband-draws the car to a stop, she figures they are at Blackwood, but to her surprise Kit, her mother and Dan were at a gas station.It was as if they were in a ghost town.Not a person in sight.Except for the gasman."Hello,"he welcomed them with a warm smile and emediately only Ms.Gordy and Dan felt at home,"how may I help you this fine evening?"As the contagious smile reacted Kit's mother, she asked where Blackwood was.They were taught it was literally right down the road.They thanked him and left.Suddenly as they finally found Blackwood and were driving closer and closer, Kit felt a sudden chill and began to be frightened.She knew there was something strange and peculiar about this place but she could not yet find the correct word for it.You see as the car drew closer the fear in Kit grew wider and finally she found the right word....she wailed to her mother and pleaded to go back for she could not stay in this house.Sadly her mother and Dan refused, they hadn't seen anything the matter.Alll this time kicking,screaming , and wailing, she had thought of the word.....evil.They walked in got greeted and suddenly Kit changed her mind about this place.Inside it felt subtle and warming.She felt at ease.As the days past new comers arrived but, to Kit's surprise there only came three other girls.Kit had imagined tons and tons of girls running down the hall having a splendid time.She didn't mind it, three is better than none.Ruth, Lynda, and Sandy were their names.Her favorite was a short, red head, Sandy.She was kind hearted yet a bit shy.Ruth on the other hand was just the opposite.She was not afraid to share what was in her brainiack head.Lynda was sweet and sassy,walk into her room and you will be bombarded with makeup and beautiful clothing.Lynda and Ruth fit eachothers personalities just right.Ruth needed a bit of sass and Lynda needed some brains.A few months in Blackwood past and strangely, there were a couple dreams here and there.She tried explaining them to the hottie music teacher, Jules.His eyes shined beautifully and black hair, gorgeous.He basically told her that dreams are normal especially in Blackwood.But honestly they weren't dreams at all....they were nightmares.Weird and unexplainable things were occuring at Blackwood.Things that Kit could not understand.Kit new something was going on.She tolerated it until one night...She demanded to awake everyone and explain what was happening.When they finally came down,all except for Lynda because she was basically hypnotized in a deep dark transformation, Madame Duret(the head mistress of Blackwood)was forced to share the news.Basically summing it all up....the girls were to be possesed overnight.In rage Kit threw away every valuable information to Madame Duret in the fire.Shockingly the fire started up and grew onto the curtains.There was a fire in Blackwood....                                                                                                                                   I loved this book a lot because to me, this topic which fits perfectly in with horror and mistery wasjust amazing.Its a bit more clear if you actually read the book.I would most definitely recommend this book to a friend.Its just so draw dropping and cliff hanging that on the last page you'll wish there was more.Down a Dark Hall is truly one of the best books I have ever read.Hopefully you will love it aswell.                                                                                                                                           In the end what do you think happened to Lynda?Would you like to read this book?How would you feel if this unexplainable things happened to you if you were away to boarding school?

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